Jeff Dudan | How to Turn a Hurricane into an Opportunity and Scaling Up to 200 Franchisees


Jeff Dudan joins John Corcoran as a guest on his Podcast, The Smart Business Revolution.

When a devastating hurricane strikes, many people want to head to safety and security. Jeff Dudan did not.

Jeff Dudan is the Franchise Executive for Dudan Partners, and the Founder and former CEO of AdvantaClean. Originally started as a painting business, AdvantaClean became a cleanup company in the wake of a devastating hurricane in South Florida. Jeff is also an author and member of YPO.

In this episode, host John Corcoran welcomes Jeff Dudan to talk about starting AdvantaClean and growing it to over 200 franchises, why he decided to sell the company, and some of the other projects that Jeff is working on.


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